Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blessings from above

They say good things come from above, and I have to say that with all the rain we have been getting these past weeks, I have figured out what was wrong with my garden. I apparently have not been watering my beans and okra enough. Sure they germinated and grew to where they were, but no where near the speed of my garden 2 years ago (in my defense, that was a Spring garden. This is my first ever Fall garden).

After that first rain, I could see a major difference. From the beginning, I have been hand watering with a hose and sprayer, but I guess I just was not watering deep enough as the plants grew. I want to get some soaker hoses, but not in the family budget yet.

While I am thankful for the rain, I am hoping that this abundance does not become a burden on my pumpkins and watermelons. I discovered 2 quarter-size pumpkins this morning, and a few pea-size watermelons. I am hopeful that I can take some of these to full size.

Below is a photo of the watermelon/pumpkin patch.

Also discovered 2 "wild" watermelons growing behind my garden (below), as well as some canteloupes growing in t he compost (bottom)!!

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