Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden guest

While feeding my dog, I spied what looked like a neon green jellybean on the ground. However, it began to move. Upon picking it up, it curled into a ball shape in my hand, as if to protect itself, much like a rolly polly. I let it relax, it opened, and began crawling across my hand. What I had is the caterpillar you see below.

After allowing my wife and kids to see it, I let it go. I later discovered, through a Google image search, that this little guy is the offspring of a Great Purple Hairstreak butterfly. I don't remember seeing any Great Purple's around here, so I am hoping this little guy (and any others that may live in the yard) make it to adulthood. From a distance, it is hard to tell which end is the head! I read, too, that they are renowned for their approachability.

In other news, I planted some okra today with "borrowed" seed from my father-in-law. That will be the extent of what I plant this year. I will post photos as things grow (fingers crossed). I plan to do more next year, so I will be doing a lot of research in an effort to increase my yeilds in all that I decide to plant.

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