Friday, July 23, 2010

Gardening from the heart

If you ask me why I like to garden, my first answer might be "because I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours each day, and gardening gives me a reason to get outside!" However, that would not be fully correct, as I had a few gardens while still in high school. While I do enjoy being outside more these days due to my current job, gardening has always held a place in my heart, much as my love of drawing.

A recent rekindling of my desire to dig in the dirt comes from my current success at propagating some trees from both seed and cuttings—one I thought had died, only to discover new leaves on it yesterday morning. As a result, I have now planted some watermelon and pumpkin seeds, along with some cow peas, in a small plot of dirt at the back of my property. I plan to look into more mid summer/cool weather vegetables to grow.

This Fall I plan to plant some blueberries, and if the budget allows, a few apple trees.

I will be updating this blog as often as possible with my progress as well as any useful information I find.

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